Old Camiguin Trips

Stranded on a jetski in shark-infested waters, highschool kids teetering with laughter, a gin-infused bloodstream, a torturous stairway up and around a mountain that was built with penance as its purpose.. Forgotten names in a graveyard hidden under the sea, a summer getaway with three baby siblings grown up too soon and too fast.. 


 My last trip as of today would have been summer 2005, home after four months in NY. Crossed the sea to Camiguin with Nico, Chris, Aya and Elaine. Candice ran over a dog on our way to the pier.  

 Sunrise at White Island

Don’t recall ever being drunk while in White Island. Do recall being wasted in the mainland in several of my highschool trips. Earliest memory: staying at Tia’s resort across the airport runway with family minus the three younger kids.


Ardent Hot Springs marks my favoritest spot. The walk up and down Katibawasan falls ruined the katibawasan spot for me. 


~ by medianne on August 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Old Camiguin Trips”

  1. dianne, now ko lang napansin itong mga photos dito sa post mo na ito. Grabe! Angaganda… in fact, i though they were epostcards. Sino kumuha? may iba ka pang samples? great digital shots kapatid 🙂

  2. heehee. grabbed from the net.

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