Top 10 Favoritest Consumable Items

1. Cuervo Gold

2. Olay Total Effects

3. San Mig Light

4. Winston Lights

5. Twister Fries

6. Shakey’s Thin Crust Pizza

7. Ginataang Kuhol sa Barko

8. Frozen Margaritas

9. Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea

10. cheek tint


~ by medianne on August 20, 2007.

7 Responses to “Top 10 Favoritest Consumable Items”

  1. ako din, kahit di mo tinatanong:

    1. uni and salmon sashimi
    2. sinampalukang kambing in analog (bagong discovery lang ito)
    3. “i love love” moschino fragrance
    4. san mig light
    5. c2 kahit anong flavor, wag lang yung green
    6. cheek tint din
    7. chocolate body scrub
    8. rootbeer float
    9. yosi
    10. love. charing. hehe.

  2. jae, hindi na-co-consume ang love. love consumes u. chareng. at paborito ko yung green na c2.

  3. ang ibig sabihin ko, love is finite. hwekhwek. pero sige, mas panalo yung “love consumes you”.

  4. puwede bang isali ang contraceptive pills? hehehe

  5. iris, na-mish kita bigla.

  6. haymishyutoo!

  7. ako, Red Horse at pasensiya sa ibang tao. Hehehehe

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