EMO fever (updated)

rummaging through the web for new images.. horded a couple of emo pixs along the way.  maybe im sick, but there’s just something I find profoundly beautiful in images of lonely people.. 
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baka rin naman this fascination is just a remnant of teenage angst.. 
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check out the tragic gurl sprawled on the kitchen floor
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Cheers to teenage angst. At sa iba pang ka-OA-han ng mundo. If you’re gonna feel bad, might as well be passionate about it.

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hardcore graphic.
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na-depress ata ako bigla..

ok napilit ako magsulat. ang demanding ni jae.

napaisip lang ako kung bakit nga ba ako naaaliw these days sa kaka-download ng mga emo pic na depressing naman ang mga laman. well, i like looking at them. Kasi SWAK sila sa nararamdaman natin kapag tinatarantado at ginagago tayo.  I enjoy looking at them. Pwede na ba yun?

Because the world is full of assholes, and I have the misfortune of always meeting the biggets assholes of all time. Yung mga nagsasayang ng oras at pasensya mo. Yung mga di mo maiwan-iwan kasi stuck ka. Stuck ka at mag-isa ka.  At nakakatuwa na galing sa super-pangets na emotion na yun ay pwede pala magkaroon pa rin ng magagandang images.

Ang hirap, jae. Di ko masulat eh. Siguro all I’m really trying to say is that its nice to see that there are other people feeling low today. Di pala ako nag-iisa. Naks. And that’s something to be grateful for, in a bizaare kinda way.

So help me Im fascinated.


~ by medianne on August 20, 2007.

One Response to “EMO fever (updated)”

  1. From start to finish I wonder why
    The cuts look good in this messed up lie
    The blood that trickles down my arm
    People all stare at the girl who self-harms:-
    … See More
    “The emo” they call me
    I turn to my name
    They act out slicing their wrists
    I hang my head in shame
    I can’t help my feelings
    Of being alone
    I hide myself for the day
    Just longing to go home
    I sprawl on my bed
    With my razor in hand
    And take myself away
    To a much better land
    I stare in the mirror
    And let myself cry
    Looking forward to the day
    That I finally die

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