You got TaggED

Hay naku. chain mail sa blog world. 8 things about me raw o. Well, at least I’ve got something to write about.  Arnold slap-tagged me dun sa janjajanjantonk which is another one of my notoriously abandoned blogs. At dahil blocked ang friendster sa trabaho, aba, e di dito na lang magsusulat si Ineng.

8 bits of dianne.

1. Una, this is my one-two-three.. FIFTH blog. I’ve created blogs in deadjournal, livejournal, blogger, fwendster, and finally wordpress. Most died a natural death. The longest running was this one. The friendster one is still alive mostly because my friendster account is active and every now and then, I run out of space in About Me. Not really too sure about the number, though. I have some vague memory of opening a blog at blogspot and another one from a website i cannot recall. From this point on, though, five is the official number.

2. Pangalawa, I know I put up a pretty (emphasis!) brave front, but I’m scared shitless of anything supernatural.  Hindeng-hinde mo ako mapapadaan sa stairwell between the 14th and 12th floors of our building. Nor can you leave me in an unfamiliar unlit room by myself for more than 30 seconds. Nakabalukot  sa ilalim ng kumot kapag madilim at natatakot si Dianne. Sa bahay namin, tinatakbuhan ko yung kid brother ko pumatay ng ilaw when we stay up late. I would literally go running to my room even before he can turn the tv off. He was 11 then, I was 24.

3. Closet kikay ako. I’d rather leave the details to your imagination.

4. I took professional driving lessons when I was 18 and bumming around for an entire semester in Cagayan de Oro. I actually know how to drive, “know” being a mental operation. With a cigarette between the fingers of my left hand and the steering wheel under my right hand, I was on my way to becoming dianne-the-almighty-roadwarrior. But no. That story will be left for another day.

5. My mother enrolled me in a ballet class when I was a pudgy little girl of 4.  Yes, there was a ballet recital. And yes, there are pictures of me in morbidly embarassing poses with itchy fufu lace on.  Excited ako sa recital kasi sabi nung instructor namin may awards raw. Aba, aba, aba. Walang award si Dianne.

6. My parents thoroughly convinced me of my dancing prowess when I was in Grade School. Sumayaw ako ng Electric Youth, Ice Ice Baby, and some Smokey Mountain song that I have repressed to the far recesses of my mind.  Di ko maintindihan kung bakit wala nang naniniwala these days na ok ako sumayaw. Umiba na ata yung uso.

7. I dig fantasy fiction. Harry Potter is just soft stuff. Although I’ve never been a big fan of Stephen King’s macabre writing, his DarK Tower series is an absolute favorite. Two years na akong proud owner ng hardbound copy of Book 7 pero hindi ko pa sya binabasa because i still havent read the two books prior to it.

8. Malapit na bertdey ko..


~ by medianne on August 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “You got TaggED”

  1. uyy, tigulang na siya. hahaha.

  2. alam mo, dianne, marami palang hindi halata sa iyo ano? hindi halatang matatakutin ka… hindi halatang magaling kang sumayaw at mag-drive… pero meron din namang obvious — obvious na malapit na beerday mo! 🙂

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