the calm

Before I board the plane home for Christmas this year, must take a deep breath –freeze– and exhale. cold fingers unfold as I try to count up the good and happy things that made this year nice. This must be the logic behind Random Access Memory. dig up the data from the rusty drive, lay them all out, up and ready to be accessed in a split-second when the need arises to think up happy thoughts. Must not freeze, must not crack. Must beef up on happy stories and happy thoughts..

.. err..

oh no. oh no. oh no. they seem to be buried deeper than I thought. will get back to this tomorrow then.

**edit: right after posting this, naisip ko kelangan ko muna magpakalasing. second thought: waddaya know.. mechanical lng pala ako, indi digital. must grease up (inexplain pa)..  third thought: nasan kaya si jae?


~ by medianne on December 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “the calm”

  1. ah yes… the familiar dianne is back 🙂 alcohol is the oil to your mental machine. hehehe…

  2. andito lang. nagmamahal. 🙂

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