Huling Hirit

Panagot kay Tsame, dun sa huling chat session natin:

At the age of twenty-six, it becomes too much of a stretch to play the martyr. That just doesn’t cut it anymore, does it? Not when our friends are filing annulment papers and negotiating parental visits. Hanging on to the fairytale does not entail whistling a happy tune while the god-forsaken prince is busily pulling on your hair with nary an inch of progress for the past five years. A short bob never looked as cute as now.

Three, four, five years ago we’d think: Basta mahal mo.

Mahal mo ba? And the answer is no. It’s not a resounding, powerful NO with exclamation points and raised eyebrows. It’s a quiet but steady one, the kind that is followed by a heavy sigh. It’s a No that’s gotten stronger with age. It is a refusal, and there is willpower behind it. We refuse to waste our love on someone who refuses to love us back the way we need to be loved, or the way he could have loved us.

There always was a refusal involved.


~ by medianne on December 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “Huling Hirit”

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  2. aba… kung talagang mahal mo… ipa-tato mo name niya sa braso mo! better yet, sa noo 🙂 para pag kailangang burahin later on (pag di nag-work) e feel na feel mo yung emotional at physical PAIN! hekhekhek…

  3. you’re right. there’s always a refusal involved. haay. and that’s a haay that’s gotten stronger with age. hahahaha

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