Icing on the Cake / “Game”

**this post was begun back in march. ngayong bumabalik na naman ako dito, naisipan kong balikan ulit sya..at tapusin na, kagaya ng maraming mga ibang bagay na di matapos-tapos..while writing, umiba yung tema from what I had been meaning to write 5 months ago.. umiba na kasi yung mundo**

In between buckets of beer courtesy of Adriatico’s, a male friend was berating me for jumping too soon. This was, of course, one of those conversations that are permitted only after a certain amount of booze has been properly consumed.

“Everything else that follows is just icing on the cake.”

Within the same week another male friend (who had absolutely no ascendancy to berate me) affirmed that friend’s advise. Its what the chick mags have always said.. You need to make yourself “worth working for..”

wow. what a concept. punyeta.

Ang hirap naman bilhin ng concept na yun. But the lessons sink in with every fall, every casual interaction, every inch of distance that has expanded very subtly with time. Use your head. Don’t jump. Don’t reply. Let him wait. Make him work it. Don’t be eager. Keep your distance. Leave before dawn breaks. Leave quietly. No answer is your answer.

Don’t go believing in what you want to believe. Know what you need to know.

Play your cards well, and play to win.

Burn the bridge before you burn yourself.

The list goes on and on. Siguro pwede na akong sumulat ng libro. I have learned the art of cool. Of casual acquaintances and safe maneuvers. Of four pills after twelve hours. Of keeping yourself and your text messages in check. Of passing by familiar cubicles with nary a second glance, just a quick nod of the head to confirm that everything’s cool. Of sitting calmly at the edge of a mat as though your hands are not itching to pull him away from that girl’s apparent intentions.

If there is one thing I hope to unlearn before it all ends for me, beyond drinking like mad, beyond smoking non-stop, I would choose to unlearn this game.


~ by medianne on August 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “Icing on the Cake / “Game””

  1. ano kayang magandang title sa isusulat mong libro? “All I ever needed to know about Love I learned while stone drunk”? hehehe…

    “ahahahaha.. pasok sa banga.. hay naku, the messes i could have been spared of if only i was sober..”

  2. Actually you ARE difficult. But you’re more like the mid-game end-game kind of girl. I can actually support that with hard evidence and give three names as concrete examples. heehee

    Anyway, ako rin ayoko na yung “game.” Kapagod. It’s not so much that we cant or we have no idea how to, but we’d rather not.

    And this is for your male friends, we already are “worth working for.” Are, always have been, always will be. CHURA NYO!

    “Sana’y pagibig na lang ang isipin ng bawat isa sa mundo…la di da di da” Pag-ibig na raw unbridled, dangerous, inconvenient ngunit higit sa lahat…tunay.


  3. You don’t make yourself worth working for. Either you are or you’re not. Anu ba.

    I get the whole “I-can’t-get her-so-I-so-want-her-appeal” but just because the girl makes your life easier by being expressive does not mean you have her in the bag already. In fact,if the defenses are not “up front” you must assume it goes deep down.

    So kung feeling mo nakuha mo na, tanga ka!

    Ah, Ive got the perfect metaphor. Sabihin mo to kay POch ha!

    Kung ang base naglagay ng sang katutak na photon canon sa entrance, beginning of the game, it usually means la nang photon canon sa loob nun.

    Pero pag wala syang photo canon sa harap, maginggat ka pumasok kse baka nasa loob yung mga canon. WORSE YET, baka walang canon pero super dami yung zealot at dragoon.

    Kung kokonting zealot lang at walang dragoon, wag ka parin tatanga tanga kase baka may dark templar na sya. Tapos dahil tanga ka, di mo nakikita. la ka observer.

    Eto sana hindi magyari sayo, when you look up in the sky may carrier na.

    eh si Dianne, end-game girl yan. Ang signature nya: Fully Upgraded Battle Cruiser.

  4. bru wordpress to, hindi friendster.. 🙂

  5. so?

  6. At bakit di ko maalala ang pinanggalingan ng entry na to?

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