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Mid-twenties, the second of five children, the second of four girls, started living away from home at the age of 16, born at a city by the bay with the beach a 30min ride away, and hikeable hills a 10min walk away. Educated by the private school system until the age of 16, brought to and from school by a loyal yaya till 4th grade. Grew older in Diliman territory since then where my most useful lessons revolved around pancit canton, san mig light and the invaluability of similarly-hungry friends. Stubborn, bratty and bullyish at times. Strangely and intensely concerned with things that are right and things that are just purely wrong. Would like to think of myself as a good person as I still retain a sincere desire to do right with all people at all possible times. Tempted in certain instances to do evil, but easily swayed by an annoying sense of karma and conscience. Cannot stay angry for too long, possibly (oh no!) soft-hearted.. Easily attached to people and things, more hesitant to display attachment. Can be pushed around, can push around. Brilliant with manipulations and strategies, fatally too lazy and too soft-hearted to manipulate for a period longer than 1 hour. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in BA Psychology that was earned after 6 1/2 years. Currently enrolled as student of Law. Working for a top computer company as technical support but previously a total computer idiot.  Often happy but restless. still on the lookout for something else and something more..


4 Responses to “My Profile”

  1. naks.

  2. dianne, ikaw ba yan? sino ang bago mong jowa?:-)

  3. i link mo naman ako hehe

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